Dress Code
It is the desire of Trinity to maintain an environment in which children can learn. A student's dress and grooming must not disrupt the educational learning process or interfere with the maintenance of a positive learning environment. Part of the environment is appropriate dress. 

All students, beginning in Kindergarten, are expected to dress in appropriate school uniform that conforms to school policy.  Students in preschool are excluded from uniform dress, however, they must conform to a dress code that is within the schools acceptable guidelines.

The following are not acceptable: worn, torn, baggy/oversized or dirty clothing, clothing that drags on the floor, pants that reveal any portion of the undergarment or skin. Tops/shirts must completely cover the entire midriff during normal activities. Jewelry or accessories must be modest and not be a distraction. Additional body piercing (aside from earrings), tattoos and other body ornamentation are not acceptable. Hair is to be neat, clean and groomed in natural color tones. Caps and hats may only be worn outdoors.

** No logo, design, stripe, color banding, decoration, or writing of any kind will be allowed on tops, blouses, shirts, sweaters, vests, or fleece. Trinity logos are acceptable. Bottom clothes such as pants, shorts, skorts, skirts or Capri pants may have a small pocket type label only.