Fine Arts Festival
Each spring Trinity Lutheran School hosts the Fine Arts Festival in April which includes musical opportunities, art exhibitions and creative writing reviews. Vocalists and instrumentalists will be able to participate in a mass choir and/or mass band and/or mass bell choir, as well as perform solo and/or ensemble selections before judges who will critique their performance. Additional events included in the Fine Arts Festival daytime activities, but not included in the evening portion, are: 2D or 3D art projects which will be on display and creative writing essays. The day begins with opening devotions and ends with a final concert highlighting the mass band, mass choir, and mass bell choir and solos/ensembles that are selected based on recommendations of the judges.

Our next Fine Arts Festival will be taking place on April 24, 2020.

Registration for entries will open in January 2020 and will close March 24, 2020.

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